Construction Disputes

Construction Disputes - Nexus & Charter law firm

Representing Clients in Construction in Egypt & Qatar

The founding partner of Nexus & Charter Law Firm heads the Building Disputes and Construction Projects Department and gives it the necessary attention, in order to deal with legal issues related to construction projects and resolve disputes that may arise during or after construction. 

Construction disputes can involve a wide range of issues, including contracts and defects. delays, payment disputes and liquidation of letters of guarantee. The role of the Construction Disputes Department is to provide legal representation, advice and advocacy to clients involved in construction-related disputes.

Nexus and Charter Law Firm represents many clients in the construction market in Egypt and Qatar, and has fought many rounds to defend their rights regarding the implementation of major and important projects in both countries.

Reviewing & Drafting Construction Contracts and Agreements

The department assists clients in reviewing and drafting construction contracts, including design agreements, construction agreements, subcontractor agreements, and consultant agreements. It ensures that contracts properly allocate risks and responsibilities, address potential disputes, and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

The department also provides legal advice during implementation. Projects may express a legal opinion regarding change orders issued by the employer or the main contractor, as the case may be.

The department helps clients navigate different methods of resolving disputes, such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation, and advises on the most appropriate approach to resolving construction disputes based on the clients’ specific circumstances and objectives.

Construction Disputes - Nexus & Charter law firm
Construction Disputes - Nexus & Charter law firm

Handling Disputes related to Construction Defects

The department handles disputes related to construction defects, including design defects and material defects, in accordance with the ten-year warranty provisions stipulated in Egyptian law and Qatari law. They assist customers in assessing the extent of defects, determining liability, and following up on claims for repairs, replacement, or compensation.

Construction projects often experience delays and disruptions, which can lead to disputes between the parties involved. The Construction Disputes Department analyzes the causes of delays, assesses the impact on the project, and advises clients on their rights and remedies for delay-related claims.

With regard to disputes surrounding the employer’s delay in paying contractors’ dues regarding financial payments, where it represents, the department stands side by side with our clients in following up on payment claims, and resolving problems related to non-payment, delay in payment, or disputes over contract terms.

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