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Registering Patents,
Trademarks & Copyrights

The Intellectual Property (IP) department of Nexus & Charter Law Firm enjoys the utmost care of partners as the department has strengths in relation to trademark law in Egypt, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and also focuses on legal issues related to intellectual property rights such as inventions, copyrights and trade secrets. The role of the Intellectual Property Division is also to assist clients in protecting, managing and enforcing their intellectual property assets.

The department assists clients in registering patents, trademarks and copyrights. This includes conducting research, preparing applications and interacting with intellectual property offices to secure legal protection for clients’ inventions, trademarks and creative works.

Represnting Clients in Litigation Poceedings

Furthermore, when intellectual property rights are infringed, the Intellectual Property Division represents clients in litigation proceedings. This may include sending cease and desist letters, negotiating settlements, or filing a lawsuit to protect clients’ rights They also handle disputes, such as trademark oppositions, patent validity objections, and copyright infringement cases.

Lawyers in the department have initiated many disputes related to the deletion of registered trademarks for the benefit of our clients. Clients have also been represented in compensation cases for the use and exploitation of trademarks owned by our clients.

On the other hand, many penal complaints have been filed against counterfeiting and counterfeiting of trademarks, leading to the closure of commercial activities that illegally use our customers’ trademarks.

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& Drafting Agreements

The Intellectual Property Department also assists clients in negotiating and drafting agreements related to intellectual property, including licensing agreements, technology transfer agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and distribution agreements. They advise on contractual terms and ensure that clients’ intellectual property interests are protected in business transactions.

The division’s attorneys also perform due diligence assessments to evaluate companies’ intellectual property assets during mergers, acquisitions, or investments, and they provide opinions on the validity, infringement, or freedom of operation of intellectual property rights.

In addition to the above, the department assists clients in managing their intellectual property portfolios. This includes conducting audits to identify and value intellectual property assets, developing strategies for portfolio improvement, and advising on licensing, franchising, or other marketing options.

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