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International Contracts - Nexus & Charter law firm

Drafting Contracts with Agreed Upon Terms & Conditions

The International Commercial Contract Drafting Department at Nexus & Charter determines the basic terms and conditions that must be included in the contract, including issues such as scope of work, payment terms, delivery requirements, guarantees, intellectual property rights, dispute resolution mechanisms, and governing law, in addition to Clearly identify and identify the parties to the contract, including their legal names, addresses, and contact information

The department’s lawyers seek to formulate the contract to suit the needs of our clients, and this is clearly evident when preparing the draft contract that includes the agreed upon terms and conditions and reviewing it in a way that suits the interests of our clients, and is consistent with the applicable laws and regulations that govern the transaction, whether the Egyptian, Qatari, and Saudi laws or those related laws. With different legislation.

Long Experience in
Cross-Border Transactions

Our lawyers avoid any expressions that might create future obstacles or problems that our clients may face. They also avoid any words that might create confusion when interpreting contracts or carry more than one meaning. 

We also strive for commercial contracts to include principles that are appropriate to the subject matter of the contract. We have long experience in cross-border transactions.

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