Mr. Alaa El Shazly

  • He serves as the director and head of the litigation department, overseeing and guiding trainee lawyers and office representatives. This includes managing the day-to-day operations of the litigation department, enhancing the working environment, monitoring and supervising case presentations, reviewing and analyzing legal documents, lawsuits, and pleadings prepared by the litigation team, and developing and implementing memorandum-writing strategies in consultation with the legal team.
  • He explores the possibility of using alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration or mediation for settlements.
  • He has worked on various cases and disputes, writing memoranda in various fields until he became the head of the litigation department.
  • He provides continuous training and professional development methods for the litigation team, keeping them constantly informed of changes and updates in laws and regulations.
  • He collaborates with business developers and the marketing team to attract clients and identify expansion opportunities in the field of litigation.
  • He represents the firm in court during sessions, trials, and other legal proceedings, conducts legal research, and prepares legal defenses for presentation in court.
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