Mr. Mahmoud Al-Azab

Mr. Mahmoud Al-Azab is an Egyptian lawyer with a law degree from the Faculty of Law Cairo University, He then completed his postgraduate studies by obtaining a diploma in criminal sciences from the same university. He also received a master degree in private law from the University of Ain Shams, In addition, he is currently preparing his dissertation to obtain a doctorate degree in the field of intellectual property.

Mr. Al-Azab has conducted numerous arbitration cases before the Dubai International Commercial Arbitration Centre and the Qatar Conciliation and Arbitration Centre. He has also defended clients in many intellectual property cases relating to the tradition and elimination of trademarks within and outside Egypt, as well as illegal competition proceedings.

Mr. Al-Azab as a partner at Nexus & Charter law firm, heads the Construction Disputes and Construction Projects Department, and has directly undertaken several tours of the court halls inside and outside Egypt to safeguard the rights of clients, whether employers or contractors.

He also supervised the drafting of many settlements between major companies operating in the field of contracting, construction and building inside and outside Egypt. In addition, he participated in many arbitration disputes by issuing many legal reports as an expert in Egyptian and Qatari law and Saudi regulations.

He places special emphasis on development, overseeing legal developments, monitoring legislative changes, and adopting best legal drafting practices. Development is an integral part of the office’s vision.

He actively engages in social responsibility within the office by organizing summer and recreational activities to highlight the office’s reputation and enhance effective communication with the community. This also involves active participation in legal education programs to raise legal awareness and provide support to interns.

He works on attracting new clients through effective communication, marketing efforts, and business development initiatives. He aims to expand the office’s practice areas, identify growth opportunities, understand client requirements, and promptly address any concerns or issues to build long-term relationships encouraging repeat business.

Additionally, he contributes to financial management by participating in financial decision-making and overseeing the financial health of the office through monitoring financial statements, budgets, and profitability.

Furthermore, he plays a role in setting long-term strategic goals and participating in decisions related to the direction and expansion of the office. He supervises and guides junior lawyers and staff, provides guidance on legal issues, and actively engages in various administrative duties, collaborating with partners in developing office policies, procedures, and decision-making.

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