Ms. Mariam Farouk

she is a Business Developer and Marketing Manager at Nexus & Charter. She plays a multifaceted role focused on identifying, monitoring, and nurturing business opportunities. Ms. Farouk conducts market research to discover potential growth avenues, keeping abreast of the latest trends in the legal field. Her role is crucial in the company’s growth, utilizing a strategic approach to transform opportunities into meaningful client relationships. This includes delivering legal services to clients, employing negotiation skills to close deals, and achieving planned objectives. Networking is another vital aspect, as she actively participates in events and conferences to enhance relationships and expand professional networks. Ms. Farouk also contributes to setting organizational goals and plays a vital role in office expansion initiatives in the market. Collaborating with cross-functional organizational teams, developing proposals and contracts, and the ability to assess and address potential risks associated with business opportunities are integral components of her responsibilities.

Furthermore, she collaborates with other business developers to analyze the continued results of their efforts, monitor outcomes, and guide proposed improvements. She contributes to strategic planning processes, identifying new markets and proposing entry strategies for expansion. This role also involves collaboration with various internal departments, such as marketing and human resources development, to align service development strategies with overall office objectives. Additionally, Ms. Farouk gathers customer feedback and plays a crucial role in evaluating potential risks, proposing effective strategies to mitigate these risks.

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