Ms. Souhila El Qadi

She Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Ain Shams University and is specializing in corporate law.
Member of the Bar Association.
Engages in daily activities and participates in legal cases related to corporations, taking part in specialized training on commercial law and corporate issues. Conducts legal research on corporate matters and relevant laws, utilizing legal sources to understand the legal structure of companies. Stays updated on legal developments in the field of corporations and businesses, reading relevant judicial decisions and understanding their impact.
Develops her skills in legal speaking and writing, practicing practical skills related to negotiation and contract drafting.
Proficient in legal English and its use in drafting contracts and lawsuits.
Aspires to specialize in the field of corporations and businesses, demonstrating clear ambition in her career path by continuously developing her skills and knowledge in the corporate law department. She is committed to ongoing learning and staying abreast of the latest legal developments and changes in the field, striving for excellence in the corporate sector.
Always seeks to maximize effort in the field of corporations, possessing a distinctive ability to analyze data and provide effective and innovative legal solutions.

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