Mr. Sayed Abd El-Tawab

He holds a LLB degree, and graduated at May 1990 with a “Good” grade from Ain Shams University. He is one of the consultants at Nexus and Charter Law Firm.

He is currently a registered lawyer before the Court of Cassation, Constitutional Court, and Administrative Supreme Court, serving as a legal consultant. He also has extensive experience in the practice of law and legal affairs, appearing before all courts within his jurisdiction, both territorial and specialized.

In addition to his outstanding experience in preparing, drafting, and reviewing various civil and commercial contracts, he also possesses significant expertise in managing all administrative matters arising from various lawsuits and cases, whether during their establishment, consideration, or direct handling before the judiciary and public prosecution.

He excels in preparing and drafting legal pleadings of all kinds, covering both territorial and specialized jurisdictions. Moreover, he has substantial experience in international arbitration institutions, as well as in drafting and managing dispute resolutions. Additionally, he has provided legal research in the form of pleadings, appeals, or memoranda submitted before the judicial systems in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Libya.

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