Third Line

Ms. Souhila El Qadi

She Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Ain Shams University and is specializing in corporate law. Member of the Bar Association. Engages in daily activities and participates in legal cases related to corporations, taking part in specialized training on commercial law and corporate issues. Conducts legal research on corporate matters and relevant laws, utilizing […]

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Ms. Shimaa El-Hadidy

– Holds a Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Studies from the American University. – She can collaborate with legal department leaders to identify recruitment needs and oversee the hiring process for lawyers. Additionally, she ensures the company’s compliance with human resources requirements in the legal field, monitors changes in labor laws affecting the work environment,

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Ms. Mariam Farouk

she is a Business Developer and Marketing Manager at Nexus & Charter. She plays a multifaceted role focused on identifying, monitoring, and nurturing business opportunities. Ms. Farouk conducts market research to discover potential growth avenues, keeping abreast of the latest trends in the legal field. Her role is crucial in the company’s growth, utilizing a

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